Hear from professionals within the construction industry as they shared with us how they approached the pandemic and discussed their tips and tricks for thriving during challenging times.

  • Glider - Digital adoption in the construction industry

    Anthony Puma spoke to Glider’s Stuart Bell at Digital Construction Week to discuss digital adoption within the construction industry and...

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  • DCW - Solving challenges through live construction events

    The Event Director and co-founder of Digital Construction Week, Oliver Hughes, shares his thoughts on events and technology adoption.

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  • Zero Construct - Technology and Net Zero targets in construction

    Johnathan Munkley, one of ZERO Construct’s founding members, talks about carbon reduction, technology’s role and the challenges faced.

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  • FIS - Digital and the construction industry

    CEO of FIS, Iain McIlwee, talks about the issues faced by the sector and how risk management and digital adoption can improve efficiencies.

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  • Jenner Contractors - Prioritisation of employee engagement and safety

    Ella Brocklebank, Head of Communications and Business Development, discusses Jenner’s approach to the pandemic.

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  • Whitecode Consulting – Upskilling through continuous learning

    Director of Whitecode Consulting, Alex Hill, explains why combining staff training and technology reduces labour issues.

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